Which Hairstyle Promotes Hair Growth?

Which Hairstyle Promotes Hair Growth?

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves regretting a decision to cut off just too much hair, or found that new hairstyle that we aren’t able to make a reality yet. It’s happened to me more than times than I can count, and each time I end up wondering if there’s any way that I could help my hair grow just that little bit faster.

Although there are products that claim to expedite the process, I found myself curious as to whether or not there were any hairstyles that would naturally help hair growth after spending some time reading. I realized that not only were there ways to promote better hair growth, but there were also ways that I was slowing that growth down unknowingly.

So, which hairstyle promotes hair growth? For hair growth, choose a hairstyle that stimulates the roots of the hair while simultaneously putting as little pressure on the scalp or hair strands as possible. Avoid the usage of pins, clips, and enclosures that may damage the hair. Keep your hair away from potential snags such as zips.

It makes sense that keeping your hair protected and out of harm’s way is the best way to ensure that it stays full of life and energized for that much-desired growth. You don’t want to make any mistakes with this. A style that puts undue stress on your scalp or causes breakages will set you back significantly.

Natural Hairstyles

Unfortunately, helping our hair to grow faster isn’t so much about having that one magical style that will let you wake up in the morning with a head of luscious locks. Mainly, it’s a protective strategy. Since our hair can only grow a set amount, we want to make sure that nothing will hinder it in any way.

That’s where our list of precautions comes in handy. A more natural hairstyle should be the first choice for our goals. The kind of hairstyles we want to go for here are hairstyles which allow your hair to rest comfortably without external help.

Styles that pull your hair back too hard or rely on being clasped tightly in awkward positions will be the bane of the health and growth of your hair. We have a lot of extra factors to consider too. Hair varies wildly so that it won’t be one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect style. I may have far more delicate hair than you, or your hair may be far curlier than mine.

Not to worry, in any case! We have plenty to look at to help to maximize our protection-first plan for optimal hair growth. Not only will some of these styles promote the best growth, but they will also keep you looking good and avoiding some common pitfalls, no matter the texture or length of your hair. Let’s start combing over some ideas.

What About Braids?

Braids are a good way to give yourself a highly protective, neat-looking style that will help to maintain your hair growth. This one is a great first style to cover, seeing as it’s perfect for almost every texture of hair.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you decide to go for this style is that smaller/tighter braids will cause some of that unwanted pressure on your scalp that we discussed earlier. Not only will this inhibit growth, but it can cause hair loss! When done correctly, however, this style will help to keep a steady growth.

Want To Try An Alternative To The Same Usual Up-Do Or Bun?

Like the braids, this is another style that has the potential to be done wrong. A high and tight bun will have the same issue with pressure on the roots of the hair. This is a very common, quick, and easy style that we often won’t even realize is doing untold damage to the health of our hair.

Instead of that tightly tied bun, try going for a loose chignon style that can be naturally tied together with no pins. It’ll keep you looking and feeling good, and most importantly, preserve the health of your hair.

Can Ponytails Be Damaging?

Can Ponytails Be Damaging?

Time to bang that same old drum again about tight hairstyles. A high ponytail, while a sure-thing for a good looking style, will bring about the same issues as the braids and the buns. It’s to be expected, I suppose, that a style which can cause migraines and scalp pain, would also be causing damage to the hair.

Not to worry, though, if you love to wear your hair in this style, just wear a low ponytail. It’ll still look great but will keep the tension at a place where your hair will better be able to tolerate it. Just keep in mind to be careful about using hairbands, as they can damage or break hair.

Will A Wet Hairstyle Impede Growth?

This is incredibly important to note about whatever hairstyle you decide to choose. The wetter your hair is, from using a product or otherwise, the easier it’ll be to damage it. The individual strands of hair will be significantly weaker when it’s wet, leading to breakages and split-ends, which will all slow hair growth.

What’s The Best Style For Overnight?

If you’ve just showered and are planning on going to bed soon, you’ll want to take extra care to put your hair in the correct style. Going to bed with wet, messy hair or a blow-dried frizz will lead you to nothing but problems. Try giving your hair some time to air-dry, then go with the trustworthy braided style to keep your hair healthy and growing well overnight.

Which Hairstyles Should You Avoid?

As you may have gathered from what we’ve discussed already, you want to avoid anything where you are putting excessive amounts of pressure on your hair. Your scalp should always feel relaxed. Tension anywhere is always going to be a huge no-no. This means that styles involving heavy usage of pins and clasps are also going to be an issue as they may lead to unwanted breakages.

What If You Want A Style Involving Dye Or Highlights?

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Unfortunately for you, artificially altering the color of your hair in any way will be another impediment to the growth of your hair. From lifting and damaging the protective cuticle at the root of your hair, all the way to dry out the hair from the chemicals used in the dyes, it’s an incredibly damaging process. My advice is, if you want to keep your hair growing healthily, let your natural color shine through for a while, your hair will thank you for it.

Will Giving Your Style A Quick Trim Boost Growth?

Even though it will seem counter-productive at first, giving your hairstyle a little bit of maintenance in the form of trim will not only help to keep it looking fresh but keep it growing well. This is because of how much of an impact split-ends can make towards slowing growth. Avoid those split-ends at all costs!

What Final Measures Should You Take?

Aside from the day to day styles to keep your hair in, it’s good to remember all of the basics still. Treat your hair well. If you are blow-drying it, remember to cool it off. Try to avoid using excessive amounts of products and make sure that the products you do use are the correct ones. Just remember that just like us, our hair needs a bit of tender love and care to grow healthy and strong

Written by Christina Bowler

We're a team of hair care enthusiast that have been in this industry for a very long time. Since 2019 we've been writing helpful articles to help you find the right tips, tricks, and products that you might want. Feel free to ask us questions on the contact page.

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