The Best Korean Products For Hair Loss

The Best Korean Products For Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss is one of the worst things that you can overcome. It’s not fixable within 1 day. Sometimes it takes around at least 3 months up to 5 years before finally controlling it.

Korean products for hair loss are very useful and often actually work. It’s not like other products that are just there to earn money while not giving real results. Surely, it doesn’t work for everyone because hair loss can be genetic.

However, if you know for sure that it’s not genetic, these Korean products for hair loss can actually work for you. Make sure to follow this exact routine for the best results, if you want to add your own touch to that’s totally fine too. Here are the best Korean products for hair loss.

What Products To Look For When Dealing With Hair Loss

When you’re buying Korean products for hair loss, you should look for products that will benefit your hair. Don’t use any products with lots of harsh chemicals and make sure to follow a strict routine.

In the beginning, when I was starting out, I made a lot of mistakes. I used the wrong products and wasted a lot of money back then. Since then, I’ve controlled my hair loss and am finally happy to move on to the next stage, which is trying to grow it back.

Step 1: Lador Keratin Lpp Shampoo

The Lador Keratin Lpp Shampoo is one of the better Korean products for hair loss because it’s enriched with plant-based oils. What I really like about this shampoo is that it can literally bring your dead hair back alive. This shampoo smells amazing and works for all hair types.

Another plus is that this shampoo makes your hair very soft. When you’re looking for a shampoo that works for hair loss, you want one that gives real results. This is one of those shampoos, and I’ve been using this for around 1+ years now and still use it to this day.

It cleanses your scalp very well while also keeping the hair follicles healthy. This shampoo is highly praised by lots of people, and it’s one of my favorite shampoos out there.

This shampoo definitely belongs to the best Korean products for hair loss, and I highly recommend this to everyone that’s struggling with hair loss.

Step 2: Cosme Station Kumano Horse Oil Conditioner

The Cosme Station Kumano Horse Oil Conditioner is great when it comes to Korean hair products for hair loss. The reason is that it doesn’t make your hair greasy at all while highly moisturizing your hair. It creates a sort of extra protection layer that remains throughout the whole day.

What I really like about this shampoo is that most people with hair loss need some extra volume to make it less visible. This shampoo does exactly what it says, it creates a smooth and shiny look.

When I first started using this conditioner, I was a bit skeptical at first because I never used horse oil as a conditioner. I’m really happy I did actually try it. I don’t have any regrets because it made my hair silky-smooth while also controlling the hair loss.

It did take a pretty long time before seeing actual results but after 2 or 3 months. My hair got a lot stronger and fuller.

Step 3: Lador Tea Tree Scalp Clinic Hair Pack

The Lador Tea Tree Scalp Clinic Hair Pack is a Korean hair mask that’s very popular. Definitely, it belongs to the best Korean products for hair loss. This hair mask will change your whole outlook on hair care.

What I really like about this hair mask is that it’s perfect for people with hair loss, and it actually makes your hair softer.

The scent of this hair mask is very pleasant, and I’ve been using this for around 8 months now. From my experience, I can say that this hair mask played a huge role in improving my hair.

I personally think that this hair mask has made my hair loss stop and control it. That’s why I really love this hair mask and recommend it to everyone I know that’s looking for the best Korean products for hair loss.

Step 4: Kaminomoto Hair Regrowth Treatment

The Kaminomoto Hair Regrowth Treatment is a hair serum that gives some extra strength to the thinning hair. Most people that are dealing with hair loss also have very thin hair, and this serum can fix that.

What I really like about this hair serum is that it makes your hair incredibly strong. This hair serum will give results really fast for most people, and it will make your scalp very moisturized.

For me, it reduced the itchiness by a lot and made my hair looked healthier. Now, I have used this for about 6 months, and the bottle is almost empty. I’m planning to buy at least 3 at once because, for me, this is literally a lifesaver.

If you don’t have this hair serum yet, It’s a must-have when it comes to Korean products for hair loss and especially if you want to strengthen your hair.

Step 5: Lador Keratin Power Glue

The Lador Keratin Power Glue is one of those additional products that can be used but is not necessary. This product is used to give your that extra finishing touch that it might need. What I really like about this product is that it makes my hair feel a lot smoother throughout the day.

When I started using this product, I didn’t really know what to expect. However, after using it a couple of times, it made my hair a lot healthier. To this day, I keep it within my bag just in case my hair messes up and want to touch up real quick.

I personally think you should only use this product if you really want to hide the hair loss. That’s what I wanted to do, and I’m happy I did because I was pretty ashamed of it, especially as a woman.

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Final Thoughts

This routine does not work for everyone because not everyone has the same hair type. Therefore it needs different products, but for me it did work. What I advise is that you try this routine for at least a couple of weeks before giving up.

When you’re starting a new routine and want to find the best Korean products for hair loss, it’s important to be consistent. You’ll never see any results if you give up after a week.

So, make sure to be consistent and try your best to control the hair loss. I’ve used this routine for the past year, and it worked great for me.

Written by Christina Bowler

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