Why Is A Haircut So Expensive?

Haircuts have become a daily need for most people. These days if you don’t look like you don’t take care of yourself, people will quickly judge you and tell you to go to the barber. So, that’s why it has become more and more expensive throughout the decade.

Haircuts are expensive because it’s a daily need for many people. It’s mostly supply and demand. Many barbers charge more in specific areas where there aren’t many barbers. People want to look clean and fresh, making you more professional when going to an appointment.

Many people also don’t like long hair because it gets greasy and oily fast, especially for men. The majority of men have short hairstyles since it’s easy to maintain and looks good. Being a barber also takes time and lots of experience before you can cut hair for a customer.

They expect you to make it perfect, and most customers come back to the same barber because they like the cut or just like the person that’ cutting your hair. You build a relationship with them, and it has been like that for many years.

Why Do Hairdressers Charge So Much?

Hairdressers charge more because they are experienced. They have many years of experience, which makes more demand for that specific hairdresser. It’s not that all hairdressers are expensive, but most of them have years of experience is a little bit more on the expensive side.

You also have to keep in mind that almost all hairdressers went through education for 3 to 4 years before becoming what they are today. Of course, this is not the case for every hairdresser, but the majority of them do have an education.

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Haircut?

A reasonable price for a haircut ranges from $10 up to $30 depending on your location and how much you’re willing to pay your barber. In the more expensive places like New York, it will be higher than a place like Texas.

Anything above $30 for men is on the expensive side, but it’s different for women. Their prices are a lot higher since they need more maintenance and please the customer. Generally speaking, women care more about beauty, which also includes their hair.

How Much Do You Tip For A $20 Haircut?

Generally speaking, you tip about 20% to 40% for a haircut, which’s about $4 to $8. This also depends on what kind of city you’re in. Most people don’t tip for a haircut since they are regulars. They get regular cuts and come back every week.

The barbers won’t expect you to tip if you’re a regular, but it’s always a nice gesture if you feel like he did a great job. The barbers will get a good feeling they satisfied the customer, and the customer will probably return.

A returning customer is way more worth than a tip; keep in mind that barbers build up a relationship with their customers, which gives them feel at ease when cutting their hair.

How Many Inches Is A Trim?

Normally a trim can be anything from 1 to 4 inches. If you’re worried about getting too much hair cut off, it’s best to bring a ruler to show them how much you want to be cut off. If they start cutting too much off, they probably aren’t listing to you.

That’s when you should look for another hairdresser or barber. Most people try many different shops before actually finding one that they like.

If you feel like your hair is still too long, you can always tell them to cut a bit more. You’re the customer, and you are paying for the haircut.

How Many Heads Can A Barber Cut A Day?

On average, a barber works 8 hours, and a cut takes about 15-20 minutes. That would be around 32 heads a day, but it also depends on how fast the barbers cut your hair. Some barbers are faster than others, and some charge more.

It might not sound like a lot, but if you charge $20 on average and cut 32 heads, that’s still $640 a day. Most barbers have more seats, so if you have three seats where you can cut up to 32 heads, that’s $1920 a day.

Of course, there are off-seasons where it’s less busy, but in general, most people need a haircut every two to three weeks. If you think about that, barbers can make a 6-figure salary when they own the shop and have many returning customers.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

Normally people cut their hair every 2 to 3 weeks. This is different for everyone since hair growth is also different; there’s no exact timeframe that people need to cut their hair. Most people go when they feel like it’s getting too long.

I go every two weeks to make my hair look clean and fresh all the time. But if you’re on a budget or don’t have money to splurge. Once every four weeks is also possible, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some of my friends cut their hair at home, and it saves a lot of money. Every time you go for a hair cut, you pay about $20, and if you do that yourself every two weeks, you’re saving around $520 every year.

Is It OK To Go To A Hair Salon With Dirty Hair?

Yes, that’s fine. Many people go to a hair salon with dirty hair. They use water spray on your hair, making it easier to cut. If you want to wash your hair before, you often have to pay extra, but it’s unnecessary.

If your hair is extremely dirty and you haven’t washed it for weeks, it’s probably better to wash it before going to the hair salon. This is only necessary if you’re not going to wash your hair in the hair salon.

Your hair might be a little bit smelly, and the hairdressers often don’t like that. They probably won’t say anything, but it’s also better for your hygiene and also theirs.

How Long Does A Hair Cut Take?

Normally a haircut takes between 10 to 20 minutes. Suppose it takes longer than that two options are happening. The first one is that your barber isn’t that experienced or you’re hair just very hard to cut.

Most often, it doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes since barbers can work fast. They also want to have as many customers as possible to increase revenue for the month. Sometimes a shop pays the barber a commission every time they finish a customer.

This rarely happens because almost all barbers that work in a shop get an hourly rate. The best way to earn money is by starting your own barbershop/hair salon.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for. As you might know now, haircuts are expensive because of supply and demand. Barbers can charge a lot if they feel like there’s no other shop nearby.

However, most often, the average price for a regular men’s cut is about $10 to $30. There’s no need to wash your hair before getting a haircut unless it’s extremely dirty and smelly.

Written by Christina Bowler

We're a team of hair care enthusiast that have been in this industry for a very long time. Since 2019 we've been writing helpful articles to help you find the right tips, tricks, and products that you might want. Feel free to ask us questions on the contact page.

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