How To Get Used To Wearing Your Hair Down?

Throwing your hair into a ponytail is easy and convenient. Unfortunately, wearing your hair up all the time can cause noticeable damage. It can be difficult to change your hair habits, especially if you’re not used to putting time and effort into your hair.

To get used to wearing your hair down, you can try a variety of ways. For starters, a new haircut can be the motivation you need to wear your hair down. You can try using headbands and barrettes to keep hair away from your face or try different hairstyles.

Wearing your hair down can be challenging, but once you do, the hair possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at the first steps you need to take.

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Why You Shouldn’t Always Wear Your Hair Up

There are many reasons why wearing your hair up all the time is a bad idea. It can cause your hair is a great way to get motivated to let your hair down more if you know the damage it can cause your hair

Why You Shouldn't Always Wear Your Hair Up


Ponytail headache syndrome is a real headache disorder. It’s a form of allodynia, which you call when you feel pain over something that isn’t painful. 

Pulling your hair up into a ponytail isn’t painful, but an overly sensitive scalp will interpret it as painful and will result in a headache.

Not everyone experiences ponytail headache syndrome in the same way. Some people don’t experience it at all, while others get headaches after just a few minutes. 

Try wearing your hair down for a change, to experience some relief from frequently experience ponytail pain, 

Hair Damage

Your hair can be damaged in several ways when you constantly wear your hair up. Those causes include:

  • Rough Hair Ties. Hair ties with a visible seam or a metal piece holding it together can rip out hairs from your head.
  • Tight Hair Ties. If you wrap the hair tie around your hair tightly, it can break off strands while your hair is up.
  • Repetition. If you wear your hair in the same style every day, your hair will experience wear and tear. Your hair will become weak when the hair is usually tied up.

To avoid hair damage, use soft hair ties, alternate between high and low ponytails, and frequently wear your hair.

Hair Loss

Tight ponytails and other updos can cause hair to fall out when you wear them repeatedly. If you wear the same hairstyle frequently and your hair is consistently pulled out, it will eventually be noticeable after it thins out in some areas.

Get a New Haircut

If you want to try wearing your hair down, motivate yourself with a new haircut. Try a style that frames your face or a style with bangs. Choose something that will look great with your hair down. 

If you aren’t sure what look would suit you, find a professional hairstylist, or go to a salon to get the hairdresser’s opinion.

Some hairstyles don’t translate to wearing them in an updo very well, so limiting your hairstyle options with a haircut can be a great way to force yourself to wear your hair down if the hair ties are too tempting.

Use Accessories

Wearing your hair down doesn’t mean you have to give up hair accessories completely. You can make use of hair clips, barrettes, and headbands every day if you want to.

Hair accessories are crucial if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like hair in your face and eyes. Headbands will keep everything out of your face while barrettes and bobby pins will keep those pesky bangs out of sight.

Try New Hairstyles

There are so many hairstyles you can try when you start wearing your hair down. If you usually use a ponytail, you’re limiting yourself from trying all the different hairstyles.

When you switch to wearing your hair down, you can try different styles until you find one that you’re comfortable with.

Great hairstyles for learning to wear your hair down will be discussed in the next section.

Hide Those Hair Ties

It may seem silly but hideaway your hair ties if you think you won’t be able to resist. 

If necessary, keep them out of the bathroom or wherever you do your hair in the mornings so you won’t give in to temptation and go with the easy route. 

Stuff them in a drawer, keep them in a different room, or hand them over to a friend to keep them. 

If you choose this method, be sure to keep hair accessories available, so you don’t lose your mind when your hair becomes too annoying.

Use Dry Shampoo

It’s no secret that many rely on updo hairstyles to hide dirty hair. Dry shampoo will be your best friend if this applies to you. 

Try a shampoo like Dove Dry Shampoo to spray on your roots between washes. It will revive your hair and make it look less oily, so you won’t have to resort to your hair ties if you’re running late.

Easy Hairstyles

As with any habit, it’s best to start slow. Choose easy hairstyles that won’t require too much work. If you start with something intricate, you might talk yourself out of wearing your hair down because of the extra work.

Let’s take a look at some super simple hairstyles that will help you drop the everyday ponytail.

Twisted Crown Braid

This hairstyle is perfect if you want to keep your hair out of your face. It has loose twists that are secured in place with bobby pins. There aren’t any hair ties, and all your hair stays loose.

In this video by Abby Smith, she shows how to make this crown braid with clear instructions that are easy to follow:

The Twisted Half Up

This hairstyle will work for both straight and curly hair. You take sections of hair and twist them, and then secure them into place with bobby pins. It’s a loose style that won’t damage your hair. You can pull your bangs back or choose to leave them hanging loose.

This tutorial made by The Small Things Blog shows you how to do this hairstyle. Helpful tips and tricks to make it stay in place are provided:

Half Bun

This easy hairstyle only takes two minutes, and it will easily keep all of your bangs out of your face. The video shows that this hairstyle requires a hair tie, but you can easily substitute it with bobby pins or barrettes to hold it in place.

If you want to use a hair tie, use one that doesn’t have metal or a seam. Wrap it around loosely, so it doesn’t pull on your hair.

In this easy-to-follow video by Barsha Basu, you’ll learn how to follow this simple hairstyle. The video isn’t in English, but you can easily follow along just by watching:


Wearing your hair down can be annoying if you’re not used to it. Fortunately, there are different ways you can ease into it so you can become more comfortable with your hair down. 

Make use of headbands and bobby pins to keep the hair out of your eyes. Several cute hairstyles will allow your hair to be partially up, so you don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Wearing your hair up all the time can cause long-term damage that can be difficult to repair. Wear your hair down frequently to give your hair some healing time between ponytails.

Written by Christina Bowler

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