Haircut While Pregnant? | What You Should Know

Haircut While Pregnant

Getting a haircut while pregnant is totally OK! Being pregnant does not have a direct impact on your haircut. Many pregnant women are worried about a haircut while studies have shown that there’s nothing to worry about.

Pregnancy is a long, hormone-filled adventure most women face at some point in their lives. Although pregnancy may be exciting, it is equally tedious and requires a lot of caution.

It is a very fragile phase and as such, pregnant women tend to stay away from things that they feel could harm their baby.

A surprisingly large number of pregnant women do not get a haircut throughout the duration of their pregnancy. Instead, they let their hair grow and cut it only after childbirth because they fear their baby may be harmed.

Could this be true or are their fears unfounded?

Common Myths About Getting a Haircut While Pregnant

A lot of myths, superstitions, and beliefs surround the subject of pregnant women getting a haircut. Here are some of the most popular myths about getting a haircut while pregnant:

MYTH: It could cause a loss of vision in the child. A lot of people believe that getting a haircut while pregnant could lead to a loss of vision or cause other related deformities in the unborn child. This myth has been upheld for years and a lot of pregnant women swear by it.

FACT: Getting a haircut while pregnant has no correlation to the health or vision of your child. Thus, your unborn child’s health and well-being is in no way affected by your haircut. However, it is important to stay away from harsh chemicals and dye as they could harm your baby.

MYTH: Getting a haircut while pregnant is inviting bad luck. This myth is purely based on superstition and is majorly upheld by spiritual people. A lot of pregnant women who stay away from haircuts do so as a result of this myth. It is safe to say that this is one of the most popular myths about getting a haircut as a pregnant woman.

FACT: This myth is unfounded and has no scientific or empirical backing. Thousands of pregnant women get haircuts and their babies remain safe and sound. There is no proof as to the authenticity of this myth because it is purely based on superstition.

MYTH: Getting a haircut while pregnant would cause your baby to be bald.

FACT: The state of your baby’s hair is solely determined by genetics and hereditary factors. The presence or absence of a haircut during pregnancy has no impact on your baby’s hair.

Should You Get a Haircut While Pregnant?

Getting a haircut as a pregnant woman is no big deal. Your child is in no danger and an apocalypse won’t happen just because you got a haircut. Are you a pregnant woman itching for a haircut? Here’s why you should go get one:

  • Hormonal changes:
    Pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal changes and imbalance. These changes could result in dry, thinning hair or a complete overhaul in the texture of your hair.

    To combat these changes, it is highly advisable to get a trim or haircut. This would help your hair to stay lustrous and healthy.

  •  Appearance:
    Regardless of the bodily changes that come with pregnancy, it is important to still look good and confident. Getting the perfect haircut would help you to achieve a chic, glowing appearance.

There are absolutely no repercussions or side effects of haircuts during pregnancy as long as you stay away from harsh chemicals. Not sure if you should get a haircut? You should!

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Tips for Getting a Haircut as a Pregnant Woman

As a pregnant woman about to get a haircut, you would need to take several safety measures to ensure that your baby remains unharmed. Here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • Avoid crowded hair salons:
    While crowded salons often indicate the presence of a good hairstylist, it is important to stay away from them. They can be tedious and suffocating.

    You could collapse or feel faint in these salons. Similarly, the chances of an elbow jabbing your belly are very high. Thus, it is always best to go to a salon with fewer customers.

  • Stay away from hair dyes:
    Most hair dyes contain harsh chemicals that could affect or harm your baby. As tempting as getting highlights may sound, it is important to stay away from hair dyes for the duration of your pregnancy.

    In the same vein, harsh hair chemicals and products should also be avoided. Getting a haircut may be safe but using hair dyes or harsh chemicals could be dangerous to your health and your baby.

  • Choose a suitable hairstyle:
    Pregnancy comes with a lot of bodily and hormonal changes. A large percentage of pregnant women develop fuller faces or a slight alteration of the face shape.

    Thus, it is important to pick out a hairstyle that would suit your face and make you look great.

Top Hairstyles for Pregnant Women

As an expecting mother, there are several hairstyles that are quite convenient and would look great on you. Here are some hairstyles you could try out:

Wraparound Ponytail

This is a very popular choice among pregnant women. This hairstyle ensures that you look great without getting hair in your face. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that it is quite convenient and can be achieved within a matter of minutes.

Side Fringes

Unlike the full fringe, side fringes do not cover up your eyes or get into them. Thus, this hairstyle is quite convenient especially for pregnant women who do not like the feel of hair in their eyes and face. Also, this style suits full faces, which most pregnant women tend to have.

Layered Bob

This hairstyle is great for pregnant women who love the convenience and seamlessness of short hair. It is easy to maintain and equally, gives you a chic, elegant appearance.


Getting a haircut while pregnant has no side effects or adverse reactions on you or your baby. In fact, it is important to get a haircut during this phase because of the hormonal changes involved. Thus, you can get a haircut and style your hair however you want to without fear.

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