Can You Go Bald in Your 20’s?

balding in 20s

Balding in your early 20’s is quite normal these days. Lots of young adults have lots of stress or other problems in their life. So you shouldn’t stress too much about it since we live in a fortunate period right now. Being bald is acceptable, and even some girls like it.

In short. Yes, you can go bald in your early 20’s and this is completely normal for some. There are ways to prevent this or reduce the balding. However, you can also embrace being bald and keep living your life like it was before.

If you are deciding to shave everything off, just do it and be happy. However, if you are not sure to shave whatever’s still on your head left. Go see a specialist or ask your hairstylist for some advice.

These specialists can help you reduce the balding and maybe even regrow your hair to how it was before. Hairstylists don’t always know everything about balding so its good to take their tips but do not fully commit and only listen to your hairstylists.

Specialists are called specialists for a reason, they know what they are doing and will try their best to help you with your balding.

Is It Normal to Bald in Your 20’s?

Yes, it’s completely normal for some people. Millions people are starting to get bald and some of them really struggle with this because most of the time they are not used to getting bald. There are many ways on how you can prevent from getting bald.

Some people do whatever they can to stop this and others just embrace it. In the younger generation, it’s even cool to be bald. It gives a unique feeling to it because not everyone in your social group is bald.

The main reasons why you are balding are:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Not hydrated enough
  • Washing too often
  • Dandruff buildup
  • Not taking care of your scalp

You can read this article here that gives tips on how to reduce and control your balding.

What Are The First Signs of Balding?

The typical key signs of balding are

  • When you wake up on your pillow and there’s hair
  • Brushing your hair and hair is falling
  • Washing hair and hair is falling out

It’s very normal to experience these things mentioned above. However, it doesn’t mean that you are balding really fast. Balding can also be slow progress and you will probably notice it when you are at an older age.

If you are really uncertain if you are balding or it’s just some hair loss. Try to go to a medical professional to get help. They might be able to help you with your balding and let it grow back or control it.

Some of the main problems of balding I have mentioned before and you can really do something about it! but being completely bald is not the end of the world, people won’t treat you differently because you are bald.

Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is when your hair pulls back and you see the V shape there. This is the most common hair loss problem for adults. They will start to see their hair getting less and less on the front of their head. Most people notice this and start getting worried about it. So here below are somethings that you will really notice when you start to have a receding hairline.

You can take care of this by moisturizing it more with conditioner or use a different shampoo. However, your nutrition is also very important and this is a must to be taken into consideration

Losing lots of Hair

If you lose a lot of hair throughout the day you might want to contact a doctor. Losing a lot of hair can mean you have a chance of having a disease or disorder. So contact the doctor immediately before it’s too late.

Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp is normal but if you see dry flakes and feel it’s getting really red. Try to use some hair oils to let it moisturize. Changing shampoo or using a conditioner can also help a lot. However, do not scratch your scalp too much because it will get worse.

Scratching the scalp can cause irritation and hair loss because the scalp will get overworked which often causes hair to fall out.


Irritation is when your hair starts to fall out and your scalp is itchy. Your scalp can become very irritated when used with the wrong products or using too much. So try to change your products and experiment with some. If it gets worse, contact a doctor and ask for their advice.


Losing hair while aging is very normal. It could because of hormonal change or other different kinds of factors. Sometimes you can’t really do much about it and have to embrace it. It is normal that your genetics play a big part in this role.

Thin hair

If your hair is thinning and the crown at your head is balding. Try to change the products you are using. Do not touch your hair too much and use other types of shampoo.

The shampoo is sometimes a wonder product for people with thinning hair especially shampoo with ginger in it because ginger helps the scalp relax more which often stimulates the hair follicles and regrowths your hair.

The same for conditioner if your hair is longer than the average guy because conditioner makes your hair moisturize and this can prevent it from getting dry. Moisturized hair looks healthier and shinier than dry hair so conditioner is also really helpful.

If it gets worse, contact the doctor and ask for advice.

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Balding in your 20’s is normal. Sometimes you just have to embrace it while others try to fight the balding. You can do a lot of stuff to take care of your hair and health at the same time. So don’t just sit here and do nothing.

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