What Causes Hair Loss in 23 Year Old?

Hair loss is something
no one wants to experience. No matter how old you are, you don’t want to get
bald in your early years.

It can be really
stressful especially if you are still in your 20’s and are already losing hair.

The reason you that causes hair loss at 23 years is mainly because you have lots of stress, your hormones are still changing, eating disorders, or genetics. However, if you eat healthily and take care of your scalp it can slow down or even stop the hair loss.

Now, obviously
depending on your lifestyle there will be sacrifices to be made if you want to
keep your hair as long as possible.

You might don’t like
it at first but once you get it into your routine it will really easy.

Let’s go over some of
the things you may need to know, and some of these tips you can adjust while
you start with it.

Take care of your scalp

Your scalp is the most important thing to keep your hair healthy and shiny. First of all, don’t let your scalp dry out. You can notice this by dry flakes falling from your head.

Most of the time when your scalp gets dry, it will start to get itchy or irritated. It will get red and there might be some wet stuff that comes out. So taking care of your scalp is really important especially when you are young.

Try to use sulfate free and silicone free shampoo. It helps your scalp moisturize and keeps it hydrated. The natural oils produced by the scalp can restore a healthy balance. We recommend using this shampoo here.

before and after

Use Conditioner

If you have medium to
long hair, it’s also good to use conditioner after you shampoo your hair.
Conditioner helps your hair stay hydrated and gives a healthy shine to it.

Using conditioner helps to keep your hair stay smooth throughout the day and gives great extra benefits.

Some of the extra
benefits that conditioners give are:

  • Your hair gets softer
  • It reduces damage and breakage to the scalp
  • Makes it shinier
  • Reduces the fizziness

Some people only use
conditioner and don’t shampoo their hair. However, conditioner is used as an
extra product to strengthen your scalp. So if you are only going to use
conditioner try to use it only for the ends of your hair.

We do not recommend
you to use conditioner everyday without shampooing your hair. The scalp can
become overly soft and irritated throughout the day. As we said before
conditioners are not used to clean the scalp but to strengthen it.

You can only use a conditioner without shampooing your hair occasionally, that shouldn’t be a big problem.

How Do I Stop My Hair Loss?

One of the things that have helped me control my own hair loss is by following a plan that I made for myself.

Some of the steps that
I have written down were:

  • Have a balanced diet and drink lots of water

A balanced diet means that you need to eat healthily and drink a lot of water. Try to cut out 90% of the bad foods you are eating. If you stick to a diet your hair loss can be reduced a lot.

  • Workout

Working out is one of the most important things to keep your body and mind on track. By working out you feel more stress relieved and this way you will be more relaxed throughout the day. So try to work out like once or twice a week to start off with. If you need a work out buddy, ask your family or friends to join you on this journey.

  • Apply conditioner

Conditioner often makes the hair moisturize more which prevents a dry and flaky scalp. There are lots of different conditioners on the market but we always advise you to buy one that suits your hair type. Some people have thin and long hair, others have short and thick hair.

  • When washing hair, only use a little bit of shampoo

What we noticed is that a lot of people, when washing their hair, they use a lot of shampoos but this is not always good because too much of it can wash out your natural oils. So try to wet your hair first and then apply the shampoo.

  • Don’t blow dry too hot

Blow-drying too hot is really bad for your hair, it could eventually thin out your hair if you do this every day. Your hair will dry out and make it less shiny. So try not to blow-dry as often but rather use some volumizing powder which makes it look fresh again.

  • Apply oil to keep the scalp healthy

Apply some argan oil to your scalp if it gets too dry. Argan oil is really good to keep your scalp in a healthy condition. You could also even use coconut oil to keep it moisturized. It’s your own choice which one you prefer.

  • Do not wear caps the whole day

Wearing caps is not good for your hair because your hair needs oxygen and if you wear a cap all day, your hair will get muff inside. So only wear a cap when that’s really necessary.

Applying the oil is one of the things that helped me keep my scalp healthy throughout the years. Normally I use this hair oil here.

It is only recommended
to use it once or twice a week. So do not overuse this product because
overusing any product is bad.


If you are already
experiencing hair loss at a young age try to follow the tips I mentioned above.
Normally those tips will slow down your hair loss and you can slowly work to
get your hair healthy again.

Once you have followed the tips above and are still experiencing lots of hair loss we’d recommend you go to a doctor to get treatment. However, this is not always affordable for everyone. Stay healthy and good luck on your hair journey.

Written by Christina Bowler

We're a team of hair care enthusiast that have been in this industry for a very long time. Since 2019 we've been writing helpful articles to help you find the right tips, tricks, and products that you might want. Feel free to ask us questions on the contact page.

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