Does Hair Wax Expire & Should You Use It?

Hair wax can expire. If you look at the expiration date at the back, you can see when that is. However, if the hair wax stays unopened, it can last longer than the expiration date. If the wax is still soft and doesn’t smell toxic, it’s usable.

Keep in mind that the expiration date on the hair wax is there for a reason. Generally speaking, it should be used by then. Using it within the expiration date will give the best results.

On the other hand, it’s probably still fine to use because I have tried more than 20+ different hair waxes in the past, and from my experience, it can be used past the expiration date.

If you aren’t sure, try to apply a tiny amount and see if it’s still as when you first bought it. If you see that the hair wax isn’t sticking anymore, throw it away and buy a new one.

With that said, let’s dig deeper into hair wax and baldness.

Does Hair Wax Cause Baldness?

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Hair wax doesn’t cause baldness or hair loss. In fact, it has more positive benefits than negative side effects. The hair wax has many natural ingredients that are great for the hair. However, if you’re already losing hair, you should probably stop using it.

The reason why hair wax may cause hair loss is because of the way you apply it. Many people spread out the wax into their hands and rub it till it’s evenly spread. After that, they apply the wax very roughly into the hair.

As you can see, applying it very roughly can be harsh on the hair. If your hair is already weak and thin, you’ll probably see lots of hair falling out.

You can prevent this by slowly applying the hair wax to your fingertips. Do it slow and steady until you’re finished.

It’s very important to take good care of your hair, make sure to use the right hair products for your hair, and take good care of it.

In short, hair wax doesn’t cause hair loss or baldness.

How Often Should You Use Hair Wax?

Generally speaking, hair wax like gatsby or any other brand can be used daily. However, it’s important to apply hair wax only to the end of your hair. Avoid using it on the roots every day. 

Applying hair wax on the roots every day can cause the hair follicles to stress out. Eventually, this can cause hair thinning so, to avoid this, only apply hair wax to the surface of your hair.

As a hairstylist myself, I can say from experience that using hair wax like gatsby won’t be a huge problem unless you’re already experiencing hair loss.

After using many different hair products myself, most hair products like pomades, gel, and hair wax can be applied to the hair daily.

Keep in mind when applying hair products that you should always start with a small amount. If you don’t feel like it’s enough, you can always add more to it.

This is a problem. I see a lot with many people. They apply lots of hair products at once and expect it to look good. That’s wrong and shouldn’t be done especially if you’re testing a new product.

Whenever you’re using a new product, look at it if it suits your hair type and starts with a small amount when applying.

Is Gatsby Hair Wax Safe?

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Gatsby hair wax is safe to use for the hair, it’s made to be used pretty often. Some people use it every day and won’t have any problems. However, keep in mind that it’s important to find the right gatsby for your hair type.

There are many different gatsby types, and finding the right one isn’t as easy as you might think. At first, I was trying the pink spiky edge one, but it didn’t suit my needs.

Later on, I switched to the grunge mat. This one was perfect for me, and since then, I’ve never switched to another gatsby type.

If you aren’t sure which one to choose, here is a guide to select the best gatsby for your hair type.

Does Hair Gel Expire?

Yes, hair gel can expire. Normally it lasts between 2 to 5 years before it’s unusable. Expired hair gel can be used on the hair but keep in mind that it can cause scalp irritation. 

Generally, expired hair gel won’t cause any issues, but if you have the luxury to use another one that isn’t expired, go for that one.

If you don’t have another gel that you can use, using expired hair gel is probably fine to use once or twice. However, don’t use it every day because it might cause scalp problems later on. 

The expired hair gel can also be less effective than a normal one. It probably won’t be as strong as it used to be and won’t give a wet look as you expected.

It’s only worth giving it a try if you don’t have another option left.


As you can see, hair wax can expire. Try to avoid using it if you can. If there’s no other option left, then you can use it for a couple of days. However, don’t use it daily since it can cause a scalp reaction.

All in all, hair wax and gel are great for the hair. Both products have lots of natural ingredients that are very beneficial for the hair.

Written by Christina Bowler

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