Are Dreadlocks Real or Fake Hair?

Many people have been wondering if dreadlocks are real or fake. It’s essentially a bunch of locks tangled together, making it look fuller. If you’ve never seen someone with dreadlocks, it might be hard to tell if it’s real.

Dreadlocks are real. People make their hair very tight and tangle it together, making it locks of hair. Thousands of years ago, people tangled their real hair together because it looks good. However, having real dreadlocks isn’t easy to maintain, so there’s an option to buy fake dreadlocks.

The majority of people that have dreadlocks really like them, it might not be easy to maintain, but for them, it’s worth it. If you don’t want to maintain your dreads every couple of days, you can buy fake dreadlocks.

Fake dreadlocks are less hard to deal with and lasts very long. With that said, let’s find out more about how much fake dreadlocks are and if it’s healthy.

How Much Are Fake Dreadlocks?

Fake dreadlocks cost between $20 up to $150, the price varies a lot since the length is different and everyone has different preferences. Here is a table of the costs of fake dreadlocks according to length.

Dreadlocks In Inches Fake Dreadlock Prices
8 inch $ 14.95
12 inch $ 19.95
16 inch $ 24.95
20 inch $ 44.95
24 inch $ 65.95
36 inch $ 79.95

These are general prices we’ve taken since the number of different dreadlocks is in the hundreds. There are many factors that play into this like, quality, color, and maintenance. If you’re looking for fake dreadlocks, you can check them out here.

What’s important when looking for fake dreadlocks is to know what you’re looking for. You don’t want to spend a lot of money knowing it won’t suit your style. This is a mistake some of my friends made when buying fake dreadlocks.

Are Dreadlocks Dirty?

Dreadlocks aren’t dirty. The majority of people that have dreadlocks take good care of it. It’s good to wash it once or twice a week. That will keep the dreadlocks clean. Keep in mind that some people think it’s dirty regardless of how often you wash it.

Suppose you’re looking to get dreadlocks and make sure to wash them once or twice a week. It’s important to keep the dreadlocks healthy, especially if you want to keep them for a very long time. Most people have dreadlocks for several years.

With that said dreadlocks aren’t dirty, it doesn’t smell and isn’t bad for the hair. It’s great if you want to try getting dreads yourself, it’s affordable, and you don’t have to let it sit for months.

Dreads can be done in a couple of hours and removed in a couple of hours. There’s no exact time you have to stick to your dreadlocks.

Pros and Cons of Having Dreadlocks


Having dreadlocks has its pros and cons. For everyone, this is different, but many people are still considering getting dreadlocks but aren’t sure. Here are the pros and cons of dreadlocks.


  • Your hair will grab everyone’s attention since it stands out.
  • You’ll save lots of time every morning since you don’t have to wash and style it with hair products.
  • There are hundreds of different colors and styles you can do with dreadlocks.
  • Since you don’t have to wash the hair very often, you’ll save lots of money on hair products like shampoo and conditioner.


  • Sleeping with dreadlocks can be very annoying and uncomfortable.
  • Washing dreadlocks can take up to 3 hours. For people with long hair, it can take even longer.
  • You might experience scalp irritation or dryness.
  • It takes a long time to grow out the dreadlocks. For some people, it can take up to 2 years to get to the desired hair length.

How To Get Rid Of Dread Rot

Step 1: Start by filling up the sink with hot water. Make sure the water is as hot as it can be because you need baking soda and lemon rise.

Step 2: Add 2 or 3 lemon juice into the wink and make sure to cover the bottom of the sink with baking soda.

Step 3: Once you’ve done that, soak your dreadlocks completely in the sink. Wait a couple of minutes till the water cools off and isn’t very hot. Rinse it with lukewarm water until the dreadlocks become more clear.

Step 4: Towel dry the dreadlocks gently and apply some conditioner to the hair. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse it out again with lukewarm water.

Step 5: Try to keep the dreadlocks clean for as long as possible. Washing the dreadlocks can take up to 3 hours, sometimes even longer. Especially if you have dread rot, it’s really time-consuming.


Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, you probably know that the majority of people that have dreadlocks are real. There is a small group of people that have fake dreads, but even that is fine. 

There’s no good or wrong when wearing dreadlocks. It’s for everyone different but keep in mind to take good care of your dreadlocks. It’s very important to keep the dreadlocks healthy if you want to grow them out.

Getting rid of dread rot can take up to several hours before seeing any results. Make sure to keep going until it’s fully clean since you probably won’t like sleeping with dirty dreadlocks.

Written by Christina Bowler

We're a team of hair care enthusiast that have been in this industry for a very long time. Since 2019 we've been writing helpful articles to help you find the right tips, tricks, and products that you might want. Feel free to ask us questions on the contact page.

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