The 8 Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos For Straight Hair

Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos For Straight Hair

Having straight hair is something that definitely needs a different shampoo. I had this problem myself in the past, where I used a different shampoo. Thus, my hair got a lot weaker throughout the years, and it made me realize that I really needed to take action.

Why You Need A Different Shampoo For Straight Hair

People with straight hair need a different shampoo because the hair won’t like hair products for curly. You might think this is common sense, but still, many people make this mistake and never adjust their hair products. Another tip before buying a shampoo is to research your hair type and what kind of shampoo you need.

I wish someone had made this list sooner, so I didn’t have to spend many shampoos that I don’t even use anymore. Let’s get right to the juice, so here below are the 8 best sulfate-free shampoos for straight hair.

1. Pura D’or Biotin Shampoo

This shampoo from Pura D’or Biotin is a sulfate-free shampoo that’s one of the best ones on the market right now. I’ve had straight hair for pretty much all my life, and this has been a live saver.

It might be on the more expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it. Many of my friends have been recommending this to me, and I’ve finally decided to give it a try. I must say that I have no regrets buying this at all.

The shampoo lathers really well and make the hair feel clean. If you’ve been looking for a shampoo, do deal with straight hair and make it soft and smooth this is definitely worth giving it a try.

Another plus is that the shampoo doesn’t make the hair feel heavy, which is a huge benefit. When your hair feels heavy, it also feels oily. This is something you want to avoid when buying a sulfate-free shampoo for straight hair.

2. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

The Raw Apple Cider shampoo from Bio Sense is one of the better ones for straight hair. Most shampoos on the market these days don’t have any apple cider vinegar inside, making it hard to find those looking for them.

I really like this shampoo because the shampoo smells amazing. It doesn’t smell heavy, and the hair feels extremely smooth after using it.

In the past, when I tried looking for an apple cider vinegar shampoo that’s also sulfate-free, it was extremely hard until I found this one.

This shampoo does wonders. It’s natural and has jojoba oil in it, which is very healthy for the hair. If you’re considering buying this, I highly recommend you trying it at least once. The shampoo works only after using it for a couple of minutes.

You only need a tiny amount for it to work. That is really what sets this shampoo apart from the other brands.

3. Herbal Essences Sulfate-Free Shampoo

The shampoo from the Herbal Essence store is extremely popular in the United States and even worldwide. However, there are many variants of this shampoo. This one works really well for people with straight hair and are looking for a sulfate-free version.

I really like this shampoo because it lathers very easily, which makes the hair feel clean. The shampoo has honey and vitamin B in it, which is very healthy for the hair.

What is recommend is to use a good conditioner after this shampoo. It will make your life a lot easier. The hair will be even smoother and softer after using the conditioner. It doesn’t really matter which conditioner you’re going to use as long as it suits your hair type.

Another plus is that this shampoo really reduces itchiness on the scalp while also keeping it healthy. It doesn’t make the hair feel greasy at all.

4. Ogx Morocco Hydrating Hair Shampoo

This shampoo from OGX has been very well known in the beauty community. A lot of people recommend using this. The shampoo does the job really well, and the argan oil is what makes this shampoo special.

If you’re really struggling with finding a good sulfate-free shampoo for your straight hair, this is definitely a must-try.

There are many good brands out there, but none of them are like this shampoo. The bottle feels very premium, and the price is affordable for everyone that wants to buy this.

Generally speaking, this shampoo will last you between 3 to 4 months when used 3 times a week. You only need a small amount of shampoo to lather well, which makes it even more perfect.

The scent of this shampoo is outstanding, it will stay in your hair for a very long time, and you don’t have to use any other products after this shampoo.

5. Herbal Essences Potent Aloe Shampoo

The herbal essence shampoo with potent aloe works very well for people with dry and straight hair. The shampoo itself is sulfate-free, which makes it even better. The results are pretty much instant, and the hair feels very clean after using this.

If you’re looking for a shampoo that smells amazing and works very well, this is definitely a must-try. It’s not overpowering either and washes very easily. Most people that buy a shampoo never look at the ingredients.

However, that is one thing that many people overlook and don’t think twice about it. That’s why I’ve made this list for you to find the best shampoo for your straight hair.

So, if you’re interested in trying this shampoo yourself, I highly recommend it. You’ll never know what kind of results this shampoo will give unless you’re going to try it yourself.

6. Botanic Hearth Argan Oil Shampoo

The Botanic Argan oil shampoo is great for people that have very thin and damaged hair. This shampoo will really restore the damaged hair fast and help it maintain a healthy look. That’s what I really like about this shampoo, and it’s made in the USA.

Another plus about this shampoo is that it’s not tested on animals, making more people feel better about using it. The bottle is very big and comes with a conditioner, this isn’t something you see often.

Most people have to buy the shampoo and conditioner separately, which can make it more expensive. That’s not the case with this one. This one comes with it and works perfectly as a combination when washing the hair.

7. Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

The shampoo from Pure Nature Morrocan shampoo is great for people with frizzy hair. It really helps reduce the frizziness and makes it shinier. The price is very reasonable for everyone that’s looking to buy this, and it smells amazing.

Another plus is that this shampoo hydrates the scalp extremely well. You won’t feel any dryness after using this. That’s what I really like about this shampoo, while it also keeps the hair smooth.

One of my friends has been recommending this to me for the last couple of years, and I was a bit hesitant at first. However, after thinking about it, I finally decided to buy it. I must say that I have no regrets about buying this at all.

So, if you’re interested in trying this yourself, it’s highly recommended to give it a try and see for yourself.

8. Keratin Shampoo

The keratin shampoo is best for people that are looking for a deep treatment. It’s sulfate-free, and it comes with a conditioner, which is very nice. What I like about this shampoo is that it really makes the hair feel thicker.

Most people that have thin hair should definitely give this shampoo a try. It’s been a life-changer for me back in the days when I had very damaged and thin hair. This shampoo made my hair come back alive, which isn’t something that many products can do.

My hairstylist always uses this shampoo at the store and told me to try it. So I did, and it really turned out to be great.

It feels like this shampoo gives the hair an extra layer of protection after using it. I do recommend using the conditioner afterward for even more shine. Those two products combine really well, and you’ll be surprised how good it is.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope this has helped you find the right sulfate-free shampoo for your straight hair. It might take some time before trying all the products, but it’s all worth it once you find the right one.

Once you’ve found the right shampoo, you never have to try other brands again since your hair will get used to that shampoo, and the results will be there. It might be good to switch conditioners from time to time, but’ that’s not necessary. It really depends on what kind of hair type you have and what products you’re looking for.

There are many hair routines out there for straight hair. While some of the work, most of them don’t. This really bothered me in the past. That’s why I made this list to help you find the right shampoo for your straight hair and make it look better.

Written by Christina Bowler

We're a team of hair care enthusiast that have been in this industry for a very long time. Since 2019 we've been writing helpful articles to help you find the right tips, tricks, and products that you might want. Feel free to ask us questions on the contact page.

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