The 8 Best Korean Shampoos

Korean Shampoos have some of the best ingredients in it, and most of them are silicon-free. The shampoo is really important when it comes to looks or even just haircare.

We’ve tried lots, and lots of different shampoos and a lot of them disappointed us; however, some of them really Impressed our expectations. Afterall we made a list of the 8 best Korean shampoos we wish we knew before spending a lot of money.

1. Lador – Keratin LPP Shampoo

Best For: Damaged Hair

The Lador Keratin LPP Shampoo is one of the best Korean shampoos out there. It has a low-Ph, and it’s formulated with hydrolyzed proteins and silk. These ingredients really help damaged hair and moisturize significantly well. This shampoo works really well for that’s damaged due to dying, perm, and heat. It doesn’t have any silicone in it, so it won’t irritate the scalp.

What we really like about this shampoo is the softness and shininess you get after using it a couple of times. With the fine protein ingredients, it makes your hair way stronger, and a lot of professional hairdressers use this as well. We do recommend you to use the full set of the Keratin brand altogether for the best results. 

Another plus is that this shampoo feels very light on the scalp, and it’s perfect for people with a greasy scalp. After one use, you can already see a difference in your hair, that’s how good this shampoo is. It will literally bring your dead hair back to life, and you will feel that soft, shiny smoothness after it. Most shampoos have bad ingredients in the bottle itself, but the Keratin LPP is really different if you compare it to brands from the US. This Korean shampoo is on another level. If you want to check this shampoo out, click here.

Key Features

  • Powerful moisture
  • Adds softness and shininess
  • Silicon-free

2. Nature Republic – Argan Essential Deep Care Shampoo

Best For: Extremely Damaged Hair

The Nature Republic Argan Essential Shampoo is perfect for moisturizing your hair. It contains 3 mg of argan tree kernel oil to nourish and moisturize damaged hair. The argan oil concentrates on the damaged hair. It helps your hair moisturize and soften a lot, It works the best for extremely damaged hair. Some people that have dandruff have great results after using this shampoo. Another plus is that it smells really good and it works great on people with thin hair.

After like 2 to 4 washes, you see a big difference in your hair already. What we really like about this shampoo is that it foams really well. You will feel that foam build up once you apply it evenly throughout your hair. Nature Republic is a very popular Korean brand which brings it to this list the 8 best Korean shampoos.

We do recommend as for most shampoos to use a conditioner or hair treatment after the shampoo. It’s almost always the best to use it from the same brand, so it runs smoothly over.  The conditioner is really a must when you are going to use this shampoo if you have damaged hair. It smoothes out your hair a lot, and it leaves that silky smooth and shiny feel. You will notice a huge difference once you start using the conditioner after the shampoo. If you are interested in the shampoo, click here.

Key Features:

  • Good for dandruff
  • Smells is very pleasent
  • Reduces frizz
  • Softens hair

3. Cellapy – Haircell Shampoo

Best For: Irritated Scalp

The Cellapy Haircell Shampoo is perfect for people with an irritated scalp. It boosts and strengthens your hair once you start using this shampoo. Your scalp will notice a significant boost after using this a couple of times. The shampoo works really well if you want to soften your hair and make it look healthier.  The bottle has a very premium feel to it, and it will last you pretty long. You could use 1 bottle for about 2 to 3 months before buying a new one.

What we really like about this shampoo is the quality of the ingredients. It may be somewhat on the expensive side, but the quality you get is no joke. However, avoid using this on a broken scalp since it could make problems worse. Only use this shampoo on an irritated scalp because that’s whats this shampoo made for. It cleanses your scalp really well and prevents hair loss.

Low-Ph for scalp sebum protection, and it’s enriched with GM-HL Premium Complex for natural healthy soft hair. This shampoo could be the perfect gift for your family or friends if you know they have an irritated scalp. It could really be a life-changer once you start using this. If you are interested in this product, click here.

Key Features:

  • Low-irritant shampoo
  • Boosts and strengthens hair
  • Scalp improvement

4. Grafen – Root Booster Shampoo

Best For: Hair Loss/Hair Thinning

The Grafen Root Booster Shampoo is perfect for boosting your roots. It’s a very refreshing shampoo that restores the Ph balance of your scalp. It also prevents hair thinning and is infused with 22 kinds of amino acids. A key feature of this shampoo is that it has 4 types of plant-based essential oils to strengthen the strands. Another plus is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as silicons.

You could use this shampoo every day to boost the roots of your hair. It also reduces trouble on the scalp and improves the hardness of your hair. This makes it look way healthier and controls the scalp really well. What we really like about this shampoo is that it has 9 types of herbal extract to prevent hair loss and dandruff. If you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning, this shampoo is perfect for you, it really improves the hair little by little. Eventually, your hair will be really healthy again, and you will control the hair loss.

One of our friends started using this shampoo for a couple of weeks, and the thing that she noticed right away was that her scalp wasn’t as irritated anymore. Before her scalp irritated a lot and she just couldn’t handle shampoo that had harsh chemicals in it. Once she started using this, she really felt like a new person, her hair looked way better after just 2 or 3 times of using this shampoo. If you are interested in this product, click here.

Key Features:

  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Adds volume
  • 22 Kinds of Amino Acids
  • Boosts Scalp

5. Cosme Station – Kumano Horse Oil Shampoo

Best For: Dry & Frizzy Hair

The Cosme Station Kumano Horse Oil Shampoo is silicon-free and has horse oil to penetrate the damaged hair. It gives a natural feel after using this shampoo and turns harsh hair into gentle hair. It works amazing for frizzy hair, and still, after a couple of months, it works as new. Your hair will look very sleek and soft, but the only downside that we found is the smell. It might be unpleasant for some people.

However, if you really want to improve your hair, the smell shouldn’t be a big problem. Because the results you get from this shampoo will be significant if you compare it to other shampoos in normal stores. We always recommend to a lot of our friends if they struggle with dry or damaged hair. Most of them see a big difference after just using it 2 or 3 times

What we really like about this shampoo is that the pump works perfectly and it foams up, which covers the hair from top to bottom. The bottle lasts very long, and your hair will look way better than before. If you would like to check this out, click here.

Key Features:

  • Improves Damaged & Dry Hair
  • Bottle Lasts Very Long
  • Improves Scalp Itchiness

6. innisfree – Camellia Essential Shampoo

Best For: Normal Hair

The Innisfree Camellia Essential Shampoo is perfect for people with normal to thin hair. It really has a very pleasant smell to it and improves your hair follicles really fast. Normally shampoos have a very strong smell, and people that are very sensitive to it don’t like that. However, this shampoo doesn’t have that, the scent is very soft and light you will feel very pleased after using this shampoo.

The Innisfree brand is insanely popular worldwide, and almost everyone has heard of it. They make cosmetic products that improve skincare and haircare. What we really like about this shampoo is that it leaves your hair very smooth and soft. At first, we didn’t expect a lot from this shampoo, but just after using it a couple of times, we fell in love with this.

The hair improved a lot from using the shampoo, this shampoo is very different from other shampoos. It feels like clear water, and it’s not too oily, that’s exactly what we like. It won’t damage your hair even though you might wash your hair every day. This shampoo won’t do any harsh damage to your scalp, and we’d recommend this to everyone that considering trying this. It won’t disappoint you because the results you get from this shampoo are really excellent. If you are interested in this product, click here.

Key Features:

  • Very Smooth
  • Not Too Oily
  • Works On Every Hair Type
  • Pleasant Smell

7. Kaminomoto – Charge Shampoo

Best For: Oily Hair

The Kaminomoto Charge shampoo belongs to the 8 best Korean shampoos because a lot of people really love this. It works best for people with normal to oily hair, and it’s very effective on your scalp and sebum. The shampoo thoroughly cleans your hair while it prevents dandruff and an itchy scalp. What we really like about this shampoo is that it prevents sweat odor. Therefore it maintains the scalp and improves it over time.

From our personal experience, this shampoo has really changed our outlook on the haircare industry itself. This shampoo worked from the first day we bought it, and all our problems from itchy scalp to dandruff all disappeared. This is the shampoo that we recommend to all of our friends and family. Even if they don’t have any hair problems. It’s really that good, and it also prevents hair loss. We do recommend to use it with the conditioner for the best results possible. In the beginning, we were really shocked by how well this shampoo actually worked.

We still use this shampoo to this day and only have to wash our hair once every 3 to 5 days. Before we washed our hair almost every other day, but once we started using this shampoo, it improved significantly. If you want to check out this shampoo, click here.

Key Features:

  • Moisturizees really well
  • Fast Results
  • Prevents Hair Loss

8. NAKEUP FACE – DR.DR B5 Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Best For: Hair Loss

The NAKEUP Face Anti-hair loss shampoo works the best for people that have hair loss or hair thinning. It makes your hair a lot smoother, and it won’t tangle after the shower. This shampoo really strengthens your hair over time and will prevent hair loss. It has anti-fungal ingredients that work really well on the scalp and sebum. What we really like about this shampoo is the thickness, its very easy to massage it thoroughly on your scalp and cleanses really well.

Another plus is that it works really well on colored/dyed hair. It won’t strip away the color, and it will thicken your hair after a couple of uses. If you are considering purchasing this bottle, we do advise you to buy the bigger version because that saves money, and the quality is really what you get. It’s one of our favorite Korean shampoos that we’ve used in the past but later switched to a different one because we wanted to try other ones as well.

It has a 4.4 rating out of 5 on Yesstyle, and a lot of people really love this shampoo. The scent is great, and as we said before, it cleanses your scalp really well. If you are interested in this product, click here.

Key Features:

  • Pleasant Smell
  • Thick Shampoo
  • Great For Thin Hair
  • Works Well On Colored/Dyed Hair

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If you are considering buying one of these shampoos, it can be life-changing for some. It could improve your hair a lot and even if it’s just a little bit of improvement. It will be worth it. Now that we’re at the end of the 8 best Korean shampoos, it’s time for you to consider buying one of those shampoos. It’s up to you, but these shampoos are really the 8 best shampoos that we’ve found.

We’d always recommend using a conditioner after the shampoo for the best results. It’s not necessary, but if you are willing to take that extra step to improve your hair a whole lot, it will be worth it. Some shampoos will add additional volumes, and others will prevent hair loss. So look for the best shampoo that suits your hair type the most.

Written by Christina Bowler

We're a team of hair care enthusiast that have been in this industry for a very long time. Since 2019 we've been writing helpful articles to help you find the right tips, tricks, and products that you might want. Feel free to ask us questions on the contact page.

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