The 8 Best Conditioners For Asian Hair

Are you having a problem finding the best conditioners that work for Asian hair, then you’ve come to the right place. Conditioners are a key product to improve your hair and also maintain it in the longterm. You want your hair to look very good even when you get older. So what I’ve done is made a list of the 8 best conditioners for Asian hair.

A long time ago, I was struggling with lots of different conditioners to find the best one that worked for my Asian hair.

It took some time, but eventually, I got it and found the best conditioners that actually worked for Asian hair. Over time my hair improved significantly, and I still use these conditioners to this day.

What it did for my hair was really incredible, and I almost gave up since I’ve already tried so many products. None of them really fitted my Asian hair. After all, I found the products that worked, so here are the 8 best conditioners for Asian hair that actually work.

Image Product Rating Price 
Ma Cherie Conditioner

Best: Overall

NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner

Best For: Dry Hair

Cosme Station Kumano Horse Oil Conditioner

Best For: Greasy Hair


AROMATICA B5+Biotin Fortifying Conditioner

Best For: Volume

Lador Damage Protector Acid Conditioner

Best For: Extremely Damaged Hair

innisfree My Hair Recipe Conditioner

Best For: Moisturizing

Kao Asience Moisture Rich Conditioner

Best For: Coarse Hair

Kracie Ichikami Conditioner

Best: Budget

Best Overall – Shiseido Ma Cherie Conditioner

The Ma Cherie Conditioner is formulated to repair damaged hair. Still, overall it’s one of the best hair conditioners out there and especially for Asian hair. The hair conditioner literally makes your hair smell amazing all day. It’s some sort of conditioner + hair perfume in 1 product that also gives your hair a great shine.

I personally use this hair conditioner every time I shampoo my hair because it’s just so good. I have 5 different kinds of conditioners, but this is the one that I always keep coming back to. Everything about this product is just so perfect.

The packaging, scent, and results. I highly recommend this hair conditioner to everyone out there with Asian hair. Even people with normal hair could use this conditioner and get extremely good results.

What I really like about this conditioner is that it is 450ml, which lasts me about 5 to 6 months when used 3 times a week. That’s extremely long if you think about it, and for the price, you can’t go wrong. It makes your hair soft, and I also recommend using the shampoo from this brand to get even better results.

Best For Dry Hair – NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner

The NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner is very good if you have dry hair. It makes your hair very soft, healthier, and also tangle-free. The conditioner is great for people with Asian hair because Asians tend to have dry hair more often.

What I really like about this conditioner is that it actually does the job. At the same time, I have tried other conditioners from other brands. That didn’t even work and just wasted my money. This product didn’t do that and actually made my hair less dry while it also gave a great shine to it.

The scent is amazing, and it also gives a surprisingly great texture to the hair. I love Korean products because most of them really improve your hair really fast. Especially if you have dry Asian hair, this product is perfect for you.

Make sure to stick to a strict routine and don’t slack. It’s important to keep your routine consistent to get the best results. The conditioner is highly reviewed by a lot of people with an average rating of 94.7 out of 100%, which is really amazing.

Best For Greasy Hair – Cosme Station Kumano Horse Oil Conditioner

The Cosme Station Kumano Horse Oil Conditioner works extremely good if you have greasy hair. It gives that extra layer of protection that your hair needs while it also works as a great moisturizer. This hair conditioner works for all hair types, but if you are that person with Asian hair and have extremely oily hair, this is the best for you. It’s very easy to use, and you only need a tiny bit to make it work.

I was using this conditioner a couple of times months ago when my hair was very oil because I went out every day. But when I started using this conditioner, my hair got less greasy over time, and eventually, all the greasiness was gone. This happened only after 2 to 3 weeks of use, which is really fast for a conditioner. I have used other brands, and those conditioners never worked for my type of Asian hair.

This is one of the better conditioners out there for Asian hair because it works for all hair types and lengths. That’s what makes this hair conditioner extremely well packed. Another plus is that it also has lots of good ingredients in it that actually make your hair thicker.

Best For Volume – AROMATICA B5+Biotin Fortifying Conditioner

The AROMATICA B5+Biotin Fortifying Conditioner is infused with naturally derived extracts and oils. This means that your hair will become less frizzy and also gives a great moisturizing feel.

What I really like about this conditioner is that its silicone and sulfate-free, which are not a lot of conditioners these days. This means that it has less harsh chemicals in it that could potentially damage your hair.

If you are that person who’s hair is always flat and very hard to style. This hair conditioner is perfect for you. It gives a great volume after using it, and it’s very long-lasting. This conditioner could last you somewhere between 4 to 5 months when used 2 times a week.

What’s important if you are looking for a conditioner that fits your hair type is to found out what kind of hair type you have and, most importantly, if your hair is damaged. Another plus about this conditioner is that it has a very pleasant scent that is also a great feature to have. You don’t want to use a conditioner that doesn’t smell pleasant.

Best For Extremely Damaged Hair – Lador Damage Protector Acid Conditioner

The Lador Damage Protector Acid Conditioner is great for people that have extremely damaged hair. This could happen because of taking care of your scalp or bleaching your hair. Bleaching your hair while it’s damaged is never a good idea and could lead to hair loss, so make sure to know what you’re up to.

The conditioner works great because it has silk protein in it, which leaves the damaged hair soft and healthier. This bottle will last you at least 7 to 8 months on average because of its size. It’s extremely big, but that’s what some people like about this conditioner.

The only downside about this hair conditioner is that the scent might be a bit strong for some people. Not everyone likes that, but if you are truly committed to improving your hair. It shouldn’t be a big issue. What you always could do is add another hair perfume to add a very nice scent to your hair.

What I always recommend is to use the shampoo from the same brand to get even better results. If you use the shampoo and conditioner together, it works very smoothly and will even treat your damaged hair better.

Best For Moisturizing – innisfree My Hair Recipe Conditioner

The innisfree My Hair Recipe Conditioner is available for all hair types. The one that I like the most is the repairing conditioner for damaged hair. The packaging looks extremely clean besides that it also works very well as a good hair moisturizer.

What I really like about this conditioner is that the scent is amazing and does the job. One of my friends has used this conditioner in the past, and she really liked it. That’s how it eventually made it to the 8 best conditioners for Asian hair. However, we always do thorough research about the product, and most of the time, we even try the product ourselves.

Her hair was always dry at the ends, which led her to look for a conditioner that actually fit her hair type. She is Asian herself and also has experience with different conditioners, which is really good.

It’s important to try out different products at first, so you know exactly what works and what doesn’t. The conditioner keeps your hair very good hydrated throughout the day and doesn’t dry out. What you could do is use a hair serum after to get even better results.

Best For Coarse Hair – Kao Asience Moisture Rich Conditioner

The Kao Asience Moisture Rich Conditioner is perfect for people with coarse hair. It’s very moisturizing when used correctly. You have to make sure to massage it into your hair for about 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing it off. What’s also important is to use lukewarm water because hot water could dry out the scalp.

The conditioner is very effective when used 3 to 4 times a week, and it gives a very soft touch after using it. Depending on your hair type, you have it’s essential to use a good shampoo before.

What I really like about this conditioner is that it lasts you very long with 450ml. Generally speaking, it will last you at least 3 to 4 months when used 3 to 4 times a week. Another thing that I noticed is that the packaging is extremely high quality, and even the bottle itself feels very premium. That’s a really good feature to have when buying a conditioner. Besides that, the results are the most important.

Best Budget – Kracie Ichikami Conditioner

The Kracie Ichikami Conditioner is a budget conditioner that I always recommend to people that don’t have the budget. It’s a small bottle of 150g, but it works excellent, and there’s nothing to complain about. The conditioner protects your hair from the roots and works great as a moisturizer.

What I really like about this conditioner is that you can take it with you for traveling. It’s easy to take with you if you are going to friends or family. The conditioner is available in 2 types smoothing and moisturizing. Look for the conditioner that you think works the best for your hair type.

Another plus is that it feels very gentle on the scalp and smells great. It doesn’t strip away the good oils from your scalp, leaving it very healthy and clean. What you could do is use a budget hair serum after the conditioner for even better results.


How Often Should You Use Conditioner?

Conditioners should be used 2 to 3 times a week, but it also depends on what routine your on. Some people co-wash their hair every day and others less often. What’s important is to look at your hair type first and what kind of conditioner you need.

After that, you should start by using conditioner 2 to 3 times a week, and if it works well, you could use it even more. However, I never recommend anyone to conditioner their hair every day.

What Is The Best Conditioner For Asian Hair?

The best conditioners for me personally is the Shiseido Ma Cherie Conditioner. It’s just so good. However, as I said before, it really depends on what kind of hair you have. People with damaged hair need other hair care products.

From my own experience for people that have Asian hair, the best overall or the best for damaged hair is really good. Keep in mind that you need to try these products yourself before actually judging them.

What I always say is to try the product at least for a week, and if you don’t see any improvements, it’s time to move to another conditioner. This might be very money wasting, but if you are very committed to fixing your hair in the long term, it’s a very reasonable choice.

Do These Conditioners Also Work For Other Hair Types?

Yes, these conditioners work for every race or ethnicity out there. There’s no rule that it only works for Asian hair. But from what I know is that these conditioners have the best results on people with Asian hair.

Many brands I have tried myself never gave as good results as the ones I have mentioned above.


After all, it’s your own choice but thinks good about it before making a purchase. Look at what kind of products you need and what are the best solutions to improve your hair. Everyone wants silky smooth and but not everyone is willing to take the steps for it.

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