The 10 Cutest Korean Hair Accessories

The 10 Cutest Korean Hair Accessories

Korean hair accessories are becoming more and more popular amongst young adults. The reason is probably because of the cute acts they have in Korea, which appeals to them.

I personally watch a lot of K-dramas, and those accessories are often used in dramas, so I bought these myself. All of these Korean hair accessories are extremely cute and work for all hair types. Even boys could use these if they really wanted to.

1. Etude House – My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band

The My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band from Etude House is very soft and stretchy. The hairband has cute cat ears and is perfect for going to bed with. A lot of children love this product because it looks very cool to them.

Another thing you could use this hairband for is when washing up. It works really well with keeping your hair out of the face, which makes it easier for you to wash up. The hairband is a one-size product that fits all boys and girls. It’s like the perfect gift for one of your friends or family.

2. Reido – Animal Quick Dry Hair Drying Towel

The Animal Quick Dry Hair Drying Towel is perfect when you just got out of a shower and are getting ready for bed. It’s extremely easy to use and very cute. The product is super popular and dries your hair really fast.

You can use this hair drying towel to dry your whole body, but it’s best used when drying the hair. It looks like a bear, and you can purchase this in 2 colors. The product is a one-size towel that fits all head shapes. If you are looking for a cute hair towel, this is the perfect one for you.

3. innisfree – Eco Beauty Tool Ribbon Hair Band

The innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Ribbon Hair Band is perfect if you want to put your hair up while washing your face. This hairband is extremely popular, and a lot of my friends use this.

What I really like about this hairband is that it keeps your hair up really well while doing your skincare. It doesn’t fall off, and it’s very stretchy, so someone with a bigger head could also fit in this. I highly recommend this to everyone that does skincare and has long hair because it works really well.

4. Annamae – Ribbon Hair Elastic

The Annamae Ribbon Hair Elastic is just an elastic ribbon that keeps your hair up. You can purchase this in multiple colors, and it’s a one-size product. This ribbon is perfect if you are going to a party or just want to look cute.

I bought this myself last week, and I really love it. But since I’m a little too old for this, I gave it to my little cousin. It looks really cute on her, and she wears it every time I visit her. I think she wants more than one, so she has an extra ribbon in case she loses the one I gave her.

5. Plain Hair Clip

The Plain Hair Clip is 1 clip where you can choose different colors. It’s the perfect Korean hair accessory for a 90’s girl. The hair clips are extremely high quality and very cheap.

If you are going out to a party and want to stand out, these are the best choice you can get. The pin is super cute and stays well in the hair. It tends to be a popular product amongst young teenagers that like kpop.

I highly recommend you buying this hair clip if you want to look cute in front of your friends or family. It can be used for boys and girls.

6. Etude House – My Beauty Tool Hair Clip

The Etude House My Beauty Tool Hair Clips are just regular hair clips. You can buy them as a 2 piece set, and they are 2 different colors. Hair clips are used to keep your hair away from your face and often used when going to the gym.

These hair clips will look very cute on everyone, and I personally think it’s a must-have when it comes to Asian girls. Even girls in general hair clips are a must. However, these ones look very cute and are really cheap.

7. Etude House – My Beauty Tool Hair Rollers

The Etude House My Beauty Tool Hair Rollers are a 3 piece set and are perfect if you have bangs or a fringe. The hair rollers are available in different sizes and work the best if you let them sit for about 30 to 40 minutes.

It depends on your hairstyle and how your hair reacts to it. Some people only need to let it stay in for 10 minutes while others have to let it sit for 1 hour. The hair rollers are the perfect Korean hair accessory on the market these days, and it’s very popular.

8. Evora – Peel-off Hair Pads

The Evora Peel-off Hair Pads are pads that keep your hair away from the face. It works well if you are going to do your makeup or skincare. The pads are extremely high quality and durable as well.

I’ve bought these over a year ago, and they still look as if I just bought them. You can buy them in different colors, and it’s a one-size product. I personally think that these hair pads work way better than hair bands because it stays better.

Just try them out yourself since they are very cheap and perfect for every hair type. It really does the job well.

9. Elfis – Butterfly Hair Clip

The Elfis Butterfly Hair Clip is a hair clip that has a butterfly. It’s very popular amongst children, and it looks super cute. The hair clip is extremely cheap and works perfectly for every hair type.

What I really like about the hair clip is that it’s a metal-based product, so it’s very strong, and it doesn’t break very fast. I have used many other hair clips that broke only after using it for a week. This one doesn’t do that, and it is very good to keep your hair in place.

10. Litfly – Boar Bristle Round Hair Brush

The Litfly -Boar Bristle Round Hair Brush is ideal for people that have tangled hair. The brush reduces frizz and static. It works really well for people with thick or curly hair and feels very premium.

Another plus is that it’s made with boar bristles, so it’s very durable.  When I bought this hairbrush, my hair really loved the feeling. It felt very good, and my hair got a lot softer and less frizzy. I highly recommend this product to everyone that has to deal with tangled hair every day.

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