Can We Apply Serum To Dry Hair?

Can We Apply Serum To Dry Hair?

If you haven’t already been using hair serum to treat your dry hair, it definitely can’t hurt to add it to your supply of hair care essentials. Hair serum is not only useful for repairing dry, damaged hair, but it can also be used as a hair styling tool. The hydrating properties it contains help to soften your hair and give it a natural glow.

Even better, hair serum can be applied to all hair types and textures and can be used before and after washing your hair.

Can we apply serum to dry hair? You can apply hair serum directly to dry hair. You can also use it before and after you’ve washed your hair, as well as before or after styling. To get the best results, use a serum that is specifically for treating your hair issue or concern such as dryness or heat damage. 

Similar to how a face serum helps to plump and hydrate the skin, hair serum can tackle a number of common hair mishaps such as frizziness, dryness, and dull appearance. Serums are also great for treating damaged hair and protecting it from the outside in. 

What Is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is not exactly a dry shampoo or conditioner, products that absorb or condition the oils of the hair. It’s more of a silky smooth substance that moisturizes and treats the surface of the hair by locking itself into the cracked surfaces of the hair strands.

It’s also much more versatile than dry shampoos and other hair products because it can treat a range of common hair concerns such as frizziness and most commonly, dryness. Hair oil and serum are also mistakenly assumed to be the same product.

While hair serum can be used to treat the hair, it’s more of a styling tool versus hair oil which is specifically meant for hydrating and nourishing the hair and scalp. 

Hair serums often contain some common oils people use to treat their hair such as coconut, jojoba, and argan oil to name a few. These oils in combination with the hair serum will provide extra damage control, shine, and moisture. They also contain natural properties and minerals essential for healthy hair appearance and growth.

There are a number of outside aggressors that can cause hair to become damaged and dry such as over washing, using large amounts of shampoo and conditioner, and coloring that contains harsh chemicals. Environmental aggressors like heat and humidity can also cause your hair to become dry and frizzy.

How To Apply Serum To Dry Hair

Even the best hair serums can go to waste if you don’t apply them properly to your hair, that’s why the application process is so important. Unilever’s global technical manager, Peter Bailey suggest applying a serum to your hair before washing it. There’s no need to worry about the serum washing out of your hair also, Bailey reassures.

The key to assuring that the hair serum does its job correctly is to apply it in-shower while washing your hair. Simply run a few drops of serum through the strands of your hair and out to the ends and wash your hair as you normally would.

You can, of course, expect some of it to wash out, but much of the remaining serum will absorb into the scalp and any damaged cracks of the hair strands. Applying serum before washing your hair will allow the serum to act as an extra protective layer.

You can also apply serum to your hair after you’ve washed it, as long as your hair is wet, the serum will remain light on your hair and penetrate into the scalp and throughout the ends of your hair strands.

For applying hair serum prior to styling on dry hair, use a serum that is heat resistant and will protect your hair from damage caused by hot styling tools. Apply a small amount to your hair before using any hot tools and comb it through evenly as well. Doing so will help to detangle your hair and allow hot styling tools to glide easier over your hair.

The Key To Proper Application

Serum should best be applied to washed hair to ensure that dirt and oil build-up isn’t exacerbated by the presence of the serum absorbing into the hair strands. In order for it to act as a shield, it must be applied during or after washing however, this is for the initial application.

It’s acceptable to apply throughout the day and occasionally before you wash your hair. Hair serum used on dry hair should be followed up with heat after application to help the serum dry into the hair.

During application, focus on rubbing a serum midway onto the strands of your hair and working it towards the ends. Heat is also a crucial part of a hair serum application, as it allows the serum to soften up and become smoother for an easy application.

Rubbing it between the palms of your hands and then applying it to your hair will make for an even application.

The Best Serums For Dry Hair

Now that you’ve discovered that applying serum to dry hair is completely acceptable, the real work comes in, finding the best hair serum for your hair. It’s sure to take some time and experimenting with several serums before you can pinpoint which one works for you. It’s also fine if you decide that you like more than one type of serum, the more the better!

Just remember, using too much serum can do more harm than good, so if you are interested in more than one type of serum, use one at a time or better yet settle for one that meets all of your hair needs. 

In addition to treating dry hair, hair serums are also great for:

  • Treating damaged hair
  • Nourishing hair
  • Protecting hair against environmental factors
  • Treating the texture of hair
  • Adding shine to hair
  • Controlling frizz

When looking for the best hair serum to use, keep in mind what problems you need to address. If your hair appears dry and damaged, consider looking for a serum that both hydrates and protects your hair from heat damage if you style it often. 

Hair serums are offered by many beauty brands, well-known and on a smaller scale, and are manufactured to meet all hair needs. Serums range from lightweight to extra strength and more and some even contain essential additives like palm oil and vitamin E to treat your hair.  

Cosmopolitan published an article listing the best hair serums for all hair types on their website here

Whether you’re looking to tame your frizzy curls or just looking to add a little more shine to your hair, there’s a serum out there that can address your needs and worth the search!

Written by Christina Bowler

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