The 4 Best Hair Dyes For Asian Hair: Buyer’s Guide

Are you bored with your hair, if so, and you are considering buying a hair dye? Using Asian hair dyes is the perfect option for you. Especially if you have some sort of Asian hair, that really gives the best results.

There are many Korean hair dyes on the market, but I’ve picked the 4 best hair dyes for Asian hair. If you follow the steps, your hair will look really good after dying it. Make sure to use hair treatments or other hair care products after.

If you follow the hair routine step by step, your hair will look amazing. You don’t want your hair to be damaged or look very duff, so take care of your hair.

Image Product Rating Price 
Mise en Scene – 3NT Dark ChocoBest: Overall
5 to 6 weeks

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Kao – Prettia Bubble Hair ColorBest: Budget
3 to 4 weeks


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Etude House – Bubble Hair Coloring Best: Long-Lasting
6 to 8 weeks

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Two Tone Treatment Hair Color Best: Temporary
1 to 2 weeks

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Best Overall – Mise en Scene 3NT Dark Choco

The Mise en Scene 3NT Dark Choco is the complete hair dye kit for Asian hair. It works for every hair type, and it prevents your hair in the coloring process from breaking. Your hair will become softer and healthier with this prevention and improve over time.

Lasts About 5 to 6 weeks

This hair dye is really the best hair dye I’ve ever tried. Before, when I used other brands, my hair went from moisturized to very dry. This was a big concern for which is why I decided to switch hair dye brands. I finally found Mise en Scene and decided to try it, and the results were really mind-blowing. My hair looked as if I came from a professional hairdresser.

I personally have dark Asian hair, so I thought it wouldn’t work as well for me. However, it actually made my hair looked really good outside. The only downside is that when it’s dark, you can’t really see my hair color.

This Asian hair dye doesn’t make your hair dry, and it didn’t damage my scalp. It’s the 3rd time I use this hair dye, and it still does wonders. For me, it stays around 4 to 6 weeks before my roots start to grow through again. But for the price, I don’t think you can really go wrong with this since it’s not that expensive if you compare it to a professional hairdresser.

Best Budget – Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Color

The Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Color is the best when you have a smaller budget. It might be only a couple of dollars, but over time this will add up. So I always advise you to order more than 1 if you are sure. You can purchase this in 8  different colors and look for the one that fits you the best.

Lasts About 3 to 4 weeks

My experience with this hair dye is pretty good, although it was not the best for me. It worked really well, and it’s a really good alternative. This hair dye dried my hair out pretty after using it, and I had to use hair treatments every other day. Unfortunately, I could not afford to use hair treatments that often, so I decided to switch from hair dye brands.

If you have really thick and silky hair, this will work for your hair since your hair probably won’t dry out as fast. If your hair does dry out, make sure to use hair treatments immediately to avoid damage.

Another plus is that this hair dye works surprisingly well with Asian hair. There were many choices out there, but this one I picked to be within the best Asian Hair Dye list.

Best For Long Lasting – Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

The Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring is very good for beginners. It’s very easy to use, and it won’t stay as long as your hair. This is the perfect hair color for a party or vacation. The hair dye is formulated with rich emollients that keep your hair soft and shiny.

Lasts About 6 to 8 weeks

From my experience, this hair dye only stayed in my hair for about 4 weeks, which isn’t pretty long. However, this hair dye is highly reviewed with high stars, and people really love this. It’s extremely easy to use for beginners, and even for really dark hair, it works well.

The brush isn’t that harsh, and it smells really pleasant. I really like this hair dye because the package is really good, and it feels amazing. The Etude House brand is also really popular worldwide, and a lot of people know about it.

As we said before, make sure to use a hair treatment with this hair dye just in case your hair dries out. The worse thing that could happen is your hair getting damaged and falling out.

Best Temporary – Etude House Two Tone Hair Color

The Two Tone hair color treatment is also from the brand Etude House. You should only buy this one if you want to dye your hair for 1 or 2 weeks max. The hair dye is formulated to be less irritating on the scalp and hair. You could buy this hair dye in 11 different colors, and it works well for Asian hair.

Lasts About 1 to 2 weeks

It gives a really nice color after using the hair dye. From my experience, I didn’t expect a lot from this hair dye since it only lasts a week or 2. However, it really surprised me, the results were amazing, and I really liked how it worked.

Another plus is that this hair dye supports dry hair extremely well, and it makes your hair softer. In the past, I have bleached my hair a couple of times, and when I used this hair dye, my hair felt really soft, and it gave a great shine to it.


How To Use Asian Hair Dye?

This is how I use it, but make sure to read the instructions first.

  1. Start by shampooing your hair
  2. Towel dry your hair (do not add any other products)
  3. Wear some disposable gloves and start by applying the hair dye to your hair. Make sure to do this evenly
  4. Leave it in for about 30 minutes.
  5. Wash it off with lukewarm water and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Here is a list of the best Asian hair dryers.

Can It Damage Your Hair?

Yes, coloring your hair could certainly damage your hair, but it doesn’t have to. If you take care of your hair well enough, it won’t be that damaging. Make sure to see what kind of products your hair needs to let it rest after dying your hair.

After all, it depends on the hair type you have. Some people have thicker hair, and others have thinner hair. If you feel like your hair and scalp are really strong, you shouldn’t be worried about dying your hair. Most people with strong hair and scalps can bleach their hair many times before it gets damaged. I don’t recommend bleach your hair, but if you do, use a really good conditioner or hair treatment.

I’ve made a list of the best conditioners for Korean hair here. This list also works for Korean hair, so you could follow that list to look for a good conditioner.

Which Color Should You Buy?

To start off, look at your skin tone. Which hair color fits your skin tone, and what do you think looks the best on you. You should choose the hair color that you like the most and if other people say it doesn’t fit you. Just ignore them because it’s your own hair and not theirs.

I’m Asian myself, and I often go for dark or light brown. I personally think it fits me really well, and my friends have complimented me in the past. They said it looked really good on me and some of them even asked me where I bought it.

Are Asian Hair Dyes Better Than Other Ones?

Yes, I do think that hair dyes from Asian brands are better than the other ones out there. I have tried multiple hair dyes myself in the past, and most of them didn’t match my Asian hair. I don’t think it has something to do with my Asian hair, but once I tried brands from Asia. It worked way better than the ones I’ve tried before, so it could be better.

After all, it’s up to you if you are going to try these hair dyes I’ve mentioned, but I think it’s definitely worth a try. You don’t know until you are going to try it yourself, and these hair dyes are way cheaper than actually going to the hairdresser yourself.

Written by Christina Bowler

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